W. G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center - Salisbury, NC

Homeless Veterans Program

Goals of the Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) Program:

1.  Outreach:  to identify veterans among homeless persons encountered in shelters, soup kitchens,

      jails, prison and other community locations;

2.  Clinical assessments:  to determine the needs of each veteran seen by the team and to give priority

      to those who are most vulnerable;

3.  Referral: to medical and psychiatric inpatient and outpatient treatment and to social services and

     entitlement programs;

4.  Rehabilitation:  in community-based residential treatment facilities or other community housing, through

     any of the HCHV components, such as Grant and Per Diem, Supported Housing, HUDVASH, or CWT and CWT/TR; and

5.  Follow-up case management:  to help veterans identify resources which will facilitate their community re-entry.


  • Outreach/In-reach:  to engage in services and establish therapeutic relationships with homeless veterans
  • Health Care: to identify veterans' acute medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse treatment needs;
  • Case Management: to assist veterans in referrals to available services
  • Residential Treatment:  to treat the causes and/or effects of homelessness through a structured living environment utilizing a specific and individualized treatment plan


Homeless Veterans Program Coordinator

704-638-9000 ext. 3466 or      ext. 3427