W. G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center - Salisbury, NC


VA Medical Foster Home Program


Medical Foster Home Information for Veterans:

- Medical Foster Home gives Veterans an alternative to nursing home or assisted living care.

- There are no shift changes with different caregivers coming in and out.

- Veterans live in a nice home in a safe community.

- There is no waiting for medicines or help. The caregiver is there to help when you need it.

- Veterans can meet the caregiver and choose the home they want to live in.

- Personal care, room and board with one-to-one attention with a loving family is provided.


Living in a Medical Foster Home - The benefits:

  • Private or semi-private rooms.
  • 24-hour supervision and care.
  • Flexibility in daily routine.
  • Three meals and snacks each day. Veterans choose what they want to eat.
  • Help with taking medicines.
  • Transportation to appointments with no waiting for rides.
  • Individualized socialization and recreation opportunities.
  • An affordable option to assisted living or nursing home.
  • No need to apply for Medicaid or spend down.
  • Veterans receive VA care in the home through the Home Based Primary Care Team. This team includes a nurse practitioner, nurse, social worker, dietician, psychologist and rehab specialist.


Financial Information:

- Veterans pay from their own funds.

- Veterans pay the caregiver a monthly fee for the care, room and board.

- Veteran and the caregiver agree on the monthly fee.


Help for the caregiver:

- Training at least once a year.

- Instruction on patient care from the Medical Foster Home and Home Based Primary Care Teams.


Medical Foster Home Caregivers must:

  • Be at least 21 years old and financially stable.
  • Complete a VA application for Medical Foster Home Program.
  • Help plan and follow treatment plan with Veteran and the home care team.
  • Have a written crisis plan for emergencies.
  • Receive on-going training.
  • Care for only 1-3 Veterans in the home.
  • Agree to have a background check and give at least three personal references.
  • Agree to have home inspected by the VA Fire and Safety Officer and Medical Foster Home staff.
  • Either own or rent the home.
  • Live in the home.
  • Physically be able to provide the needed care.


Contact Info


  • 1601 Brenner Ave.
    Salisbury, NC 28144

Contact Number(s)

  • 704-639-2370 Ext. 8657

Hours of Operation